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Mageli is a small breeding Maine Coons cats. It is carried out from April 2008 with a passion and love for these beautiful animals. A Breeding is registered in Polish Feline Association (PFA), which is a member of the World Cat Federation (WCF) and Cat Club Feniks(CCF), which is a member of the Federation Internationale Feline(FIFE).  A All our cats are tested in the direction of FeLV, FIV, and are negative and HCM with N / N . Our goal is to breed healthy, beautiful and happy cats.

Maine Coon is one of the most popular cat breeds. These cats have gained recognition due to its special beauty, mild temperament and impressive size. An adult male can weigh from 7-10 pounds and a kitten from 4-7 pounds, although are possible cats weighing up to 11, 12 pounds. The characteristic feature of this breed is their angular head with long, broad muzzle and beard clearly outlined. Exceptional are also large, set high and end brush ended ears similar to lynx. They have a thick and shiny coat, long on body and neck with a characteristic ruff. Maine Coon may be all kinds of colors, but the most popular type of coat is Tabby brown.


Magdalena Powstańska

tel.: 602 394 814

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